Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sun, Jul 31

Today on the agenda, the Foothill College Circuit Race. I did sign up for both the E4 and the 45+ category. The E4 race started 20 minutes late at 9:35am. The course, a 1.1 mile loop with a total elevation gain of 66 feet, was smooth and fast. The hill on the back of the course was fortunately short enough to not cause any issue for me; hills usually are not my terrain. As usual, I was longing for the end of the race while we were just 1/3 into the race, but then, the remainder of a race always passes by fast. I stayed mostly mid-pack, and had not the power and opportunity to move up even in the last lap. Finished 29th out of 60 starters; sounds worse than it was, as we all completed more or less in one group. The second race was the unusual 45+/55+ mix, i.e. all open, no category restriction. My felt legs felt not too bad, and the average speed was actually 0.8mph slower than in the E4 race. Towards the end of the race I started feeling weaker though but always managed to catch up before the hill. On the last lap though, the pace increased and I got dropped at the climb on the back of the course. I limped into the finish 33rd out of 42 starters. This placing is not great but I was happy to be able to finish two 40-minute races, with average speeds of 25.3mph and 24.5 mph respectively. The lesson I have to apply is to stop trying to conserve energy on the last lap, but go all out for a better placing.

As far as riding statistics are concerned: 633 miles and 30k ft of climbing for the month. Year-to-date-stats:

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