Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sun, Jan 30

Eventually, the weather had to turn to what it is supposed to do during this time of the year: rainy and cold. Expectedly, a lot less cyclists showed up today for the 4th weekend of the Early Bird Clinics and Criteriums. Luckily the rain stopped just in time for the 11:45am clinic, and it stayed dry until end of my race at 2:30pm. With about 20 riders in my group, the race got off to a fast start, thanks to one guy doing most of the pulling. I even got into a breakaway with two others, but it only lasted for one lap, before we were gulped up by the pack. From then on until a couple of laps before the finish, the race got pretty slow. All of us who had done most of the work at the front, were content to be recovering, so by the time the pace picked up again in the last two laps, I was good to give it a better shot at sprinting for the finish. Today I was more patient and waited a little longer before starting the sprint, and going 32mph, I could hold on for 3rd place. Looks like I am getting better at this. Looking for sponsors now ;-).

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