Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sun, Jan 23

The last Sunday and this Sunday today were the Early Bird Clinic and Criterium #2 and #3 in Fremont. The temperatures went from mid-40's two weeks ago, to close to 60 last weekend, and today we had spring-like weather hitting 70 degrees, allowing us to shed full-finger gloves, and arm and leg warmers.

While last week's clinic focused on cornering, it was sprinting today, an ideal method to wear you out before the race actually starts. So by the end of that 1-hour workout, we all felt toast, so I had to revert to a toast of another kind (the one with Nutella on it) in order to overcome that tiredness. I was closer to taking a nice 2-3 hour nap, than racing for 40 minutes around the block. Soon though I felt better, and waited for my race to start. Just like last Sunday, the start was delayed due to a crash in the prior 30-44 Cat 5 race. Today, one rider had swerved to much during the final sprint, and he catapulted himself off the bike, hitting the pavement hard. After the ambulance had taken him away, we finally started our race. Due to the delay and in order to not mess up the day's schedule, our race was shortened to about 30 minutes. Just like the last two weekends, I tried to stay at the front (not "on the front"), and was maybe 5th coming into the last turn, with 600m to go, when the sprint was on. I was hitting 31 mph, and finished 9th (of 48 riders) as per my account; last week, I was somewhere between 12th and 15th of about 50 riders. Regardless, I was happy again to place well; average for the race: 24 mph. Since the Early Bird Criteriums are not official but training races, there's no official account of the results. There are two more weekends scheduled for the Early Bird Criteriums, with the race on the last weekend being an official, not training race. This is what will count.

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