Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thu, Nov 18

Time flies, and the vacation is slowly nearing its end. The cycling part started Nov 8, and lasted for 10 days, or 8 rides, or 361 miles, or ~10.5k ft of climbing alone in the 86-mile ride from Haiku to Hana and back, and the 61-mile ride around the West Maui Mountains. Maui is truly cycling heaven (maybe until I have experienced Taiwan ;-)), and I can't wait to return next time. I said it last year already, but this time the Maui Century eluded me again by being scheduled on the same day as my departure, so there's still hope; need to stay just one day longer next year. The remaining days here are being spent on hanging out at a beach, eating seafood, drinking water (just kidding), and otherwise enjoying the island.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fri, Nov 5

The time has almost come to get away from it all. Sunday is the start of the 3rd annual, finite two-week loop of biking, eating, drinking and sleeping on the beautiful island of Maui, or my personal cycling camp. The usual routine is to get up even earlier than at home when I have to go to work, and then leave for a bike ride shortly after sunrise. Last year's highlight was the 10k ft ascent to the summit of Haleakala; this year's ambition is to make the ~100-mile roundtrip from Paia to Hana and back. Actually cycling on Hana Road is completely different compared to what you imagine when driving these roads in a car, and if you have ever driven on the treacherous roads around the West Maui Mountains, the same holds true there: it feels like freedom. Aloha and Out.