Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wed, Dec 8

So what has been happening since I returned from sunny, warm Maui to the rainy and cold Bay Area ?

After struggling several days with the shock of the 35F+ drop in temperature, I finally convinced myself to a 1 1/2 hour ride, which left me with cold feet and no desire to ever ride again at anything below 75 degrees. Alas, this is where I live, so what can I do, considering my 2011 goals.

The first step was to renew my 2011 USA Cycling racing license, and then sign up for "Right Start Beginners Clinic" on Dec 5, held in Livermore. This 6-hour clinic covered some indoor, and mostly outdoor training, from becoming comfortable riding shoulder to shoulder, bumping handle bars, crossing wheels and doing emergency stops. All those exercises were held on a soccer field to avoid any injuries in case of falls or crashes. After lunch, the exercises moved to the road, to practice doing left and right U-turns, even one-handed (!), cornering alone and with one or two more riders, riding in a paceline, and sprinting. Apart from getting this valuable information and practice, I enjoyed the comraderie among like-minded cycling enthusiasts. Joining the cycling club and participating in a couple of races already made several new friends.

A day later, the PV Performance Racing Team kickoff took place, introducing our coach and presenting details about the upcoming season.

So now the race is on, literally. I will start the season with the Early Bird Crits in Fremont, starting on January 9, and running through Jan 30, and ending with the last race in that series on Feb 13. Along with all the upgrade points collected by then, plus some races in February, I should be able to move up to Cat-4 by March. So this is it: the goal. The only thing left to do for now: get back on the road ... despite the cold !

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