Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 cycling review

The year is not quite over yet, but I'm not expecting anything significant happening in the last few days of 2010.

Despite having set no explicit goals for this year, this year has been similar as the previous two years: start out ok for the first 3-4 months, considering it is still winter or just rainy season, then fall off the cycling earth for two months due to travel, and come back with a vengeance (or at least try) for the second half of the year.

2009 / 2010 comparison:
- Jan-Mar: 465 / 518 miles
- Mar-Jun: 388 / 475 miles
- Jul-Sep: 1235/ 841 miles
- Oct-Dec: 1053 / 725 miles

So 2559 miles for the year, which is about 600 miles less than last year, but somewhere in line with the years prior. Clearly, I started out better this year than 2009, but then lost out in the second half. The reason for the August slump was a trip to Germany for two weeks. November was again the best month (2009: 507 miles, 2010: 421 miles) due to my annual cycling camp in Maui, but overall mileage in those last three months still suffered.

In September I decided to add bike racing to my resume, so I joined the Peninsula Velo Cycling club, and participated in two races, the Oakland Grand Prix Criterium, and a week later, the Central Coast Circuit Race in Fort Ord on the Monterey Peninsula. It was a great experience and I was hooked.

My goals for 2011 so far: participate in as many races as possible in the first three months, and move up to Cat-4. After that, either the familiar, annual pattern (travel and forget how to ride a bike), or something new, will happen ... and after getting back to "normal" by mid-year, I will define my goals for the remainder of the year.

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Daniel said...

Good luck for 2011! If you need some tips regarding racing, let me know ;)