Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thu, Nov 18

Time flies, and the vacation is slowly nearing its end. The cycling part started Nov 8, and lasted for 10 days, or 8 rides, or 361 miles, or ~10.5k ft of climbing alone in the 86-mile ride from Haiku to Hana and back, and the 61-mile ride around the West Maui Mountains. Maui is truly cycling heaven (maybe until I have experienced Taiwan ;-)), and I can't wait to return next time. I said it last year already, but this time the Maui Century eluded me again by being scheduled on the same day as my departure, so there's still hope; need to stay just one day longer next year. The remaining days here are being spent on hanging out at a beach, eating seafood, drinking water (just kidding), and otherwise enjoying the island.

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Scott S said...

You just lifted me out of a cloudy and rainy Martinez morning.
I missed my early ride this morning on my newly customized commute bike (fenders, lights, and all) because of a late night and paternal duties. So I sit here drinking coffee, watching my daughter play in the living room and reading about someone I don't know riding their bike in Hawaii. Your ride was likely great enough to cover a dozen or more of us. Thanks for sharing.