Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tue, Sep 14

Well, the "taking it easy" year has come to an end. While I decided not to race the Mount Diablo Challenge this year, and while the bike race season is winding down, I have grown the idea to add bike racing to my life experiences. Over the last few weeks, I have signed up with USA Cycling, received a license number (but no actual license yet), have participated in a few club rides, ramped up cycling a bit, and finally signed up with the local Peninsula Velo Cycling Club. So far, so good. I'm still exploring whether or not to sign up for one of the last, local criteriums this year, the 6th Oakland Grand Prix on Sep 26. As of today though, this event is not yet permitted according to USAC. But one step at a time. Experienced Cat 3 racer Rant suggested to race myself into shape, instead of just training for the race. Apparently, there are these progressions in racing:
1. Survive (or DNP ;-))
2. Finish
3. Not finish last
I guess I will be spending considerable amount of time in stage 1, but you have to start somewhere.


GMR said...

With baited breadth, did you ride in the Crit? If yes how did you do?
Did you 1) Survive or 2) Finish or 3) Not finish last?

This sounds like a Lance Armstrong or Levi Leipheimer tact of using a race to train for another race.

-- GMR

pommi said...

The race is on Sep 26.
I did sign up, so I'm going to be trying to survive, but hope to finish.