Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sun, Aug 1

After yesterday's poor performance on Diablo, the only thing to redeem myself, was to climb up again today, but also start the ride in Pleasanton instead of Danville in order to get more miles in. In the end, I was able to sustain a higher speed through Juniper, before pacing at about 6mph the next section up to Devil's Elbow, and then climbing the 17% incline just before the summit. Some action at the Summit as a helicopter circled the mountain several times, and the rangers being unclear what actually happened. Totals for the day: 50.6 miles, 4000 ft climbing.
Back down in Danville, the police was still busy with their investigation about the drunk driver who ran over two cyclists a few hours earlier near the corner of El Cerro and Danville Blvd. Fortunately, witnesses followed the truck and detained this a$$hole, who was so drunk that he couldn't even remember his address. The cyclists appear to be fine.
Danville is a dangerous place to cycle; every time I ride through there, there's someone pulling out of a parking space, opening the car door without looking, stopping or driving in the bike lane along Danville's "Auto Row" near the high school, or turning in front of me. Maybe it is safer riding on Iron Horse Trail with deaf runners listening to their ipods, long-leashed dogs, and other slow and erratic traffic. Can't be worse than on the main road.

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