Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thu, Jul 15

Apparently I'm settling on a blog post per month now. The amount of blogging was usually directly related to the amount of cycling, but blogging now gets the worse part of it: 437 miles cycled since my last post on June 16, and 706 miles since learning to ride again after 8 weeks off the bike.

Thank God that the World Cup is finally over. Despite not being a huge fan of football, special events such as this championship even make me watch the games. In hindsight, considering the wide-spread lack of exciting  games and countless epic failures of overpaid, so-called "superstars", I regret that I exchanged miles on the road with beers on the couch. But before the World Cup even ended, the Tour de France started, and the prospect of cycling diminished even further with the Alps Stages live on Versus on weekend mornings. Only a stomach irritation that last weekend topped that, so that I managed to only ride 30 miles but lose 3 pounds (Thank you, Virus).

On the 4th of July weekend a week earlier, we were graced with three consecutive days of good weather. 116 miles more, and one climb up Diablo with TBV. Either TBV is in race-shape already, or I'm still lacking in fitness, as he beat me (up) on the last 2.5 miles to the Summit. I have to do better than that, especially if I will race the Diablo Challenge this year, obviously trying to get a new personal record.

The traditional lunch rides to either Coyote Point or up Ralston have given way to actually going to lunch. So while the remainder of our little group skips food, I can sit down and indulge. Now I should probably add that these rides have been replaced by bike-to-work rides. My plan is to continue to make the 28-mile ride (one-way) twice a week, but compensate with more frequent Diablo rides on the weekend, due to the Ralston climb now falling through the cracks.

Pace-wise, I'm a little behind this year. I'm sure the next 5 months will fix that.

2010 riding stats (2009 stats in parenthesis) as of 7/15:
#of rides: 37 (28), annual mileage: 1224 (966), pace: 2295 (2009 total mileage: 3142).

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