Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sat, Jul 31

Peer pressure is building to sign up for the Diablo challenge, as colleague Kotaro will be starting in Wave 2 on Oct 3rd. In his inaugural Diablo ride at last year's Challenge, he managed a respectable 1:15h.
However, I'm still not convinced I will be in good shape enough until then. Today's ascent to the Summit was again slow, and interrupted by breaks at South Gate, Junction, Juniper and before the Wall. I'm now really curious how I made it up last year with a new personal record (72 min), while it must have taken me around 1:55h today, albeit with all the breaks. Despite having accomplished 395 miles for this month, I think that working too much lately is just taking its toll. Fortunately there's a temporary relief from it soon as I'll be taking a vacation and heading towards two weeks of beergardens, mountain biking, local food and more beergardens, and other enjoyments in Bavaria. Road cycling will have to take a break, but I hope that I can work on my climbing power in the mountains around Lenggries. Once back, the picture will be clearer.


GMR said...

Beergardens, mountain biking, and local food sounds like heaven to me. Enjoy your vacation!

Are you in or on the fence about Mt Diablo challenge this year?

-- GMR

pommi said...

The vacation is over, unfortunately.

I think I will skip the Diablo Challenge this year.