Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tue, Feb 2

Today's Groundhog day, and apparently there are six more weeks of winter ahead. Since this tradition is not common here in the West, I hope that only the East continues to suffer from snow and ice, har har. The weather was rather nice last Sunday, sunny and temperatures closing in on 60F. The fifth ride of the year and last ride in January added 45 miles to my annual total of 156 miles; it's been always slow at the beginning of a year. I still haven't thought about any cycling goals for this year, but I think I'll take it easier than last year, while just trying to maintain the same fitness and fun level.

A fun story, first brought to my attention by Diablo Scott, is the attempt of some dude to rename Mount Diablo to Mount Ronald Reagan:

Mijares, a devout Christian, says he believes the word "Diablo" — Spanish for "devil" — is "derogatory and profane," according to the federal board report. Mijares was unavailable for comment Thursday.
In 2005, he attempted to change the name to Mount Reagan, but the board, citing its Commemorative Naming Policy, told him the late president needed to be dead for at least five years before receiving such an honor.

Well, good luck with that request.

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