Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sat, Feb 13

Planned to ride Diablo today, but arrived in Danville without arm- and legwarmers, so the quest ended at South Gate. The temperature was actually pleasant but didn't want to risk getting cold later, and then even more so racing downhills at 30mph. So it was a short venture today, and I was able to spend more time plucking weed in the afternoon. Sunday is supposed to be an even nicer day; the car's thermometer already read '73F' around noon today here in downtown. I might get away without the extra clothing tomorrow.

This evening, the battle between the Olympics coverage from Vancouver on NBC, and the Chinese New Year Show on KTSF from Beijing. While Beijing is 16 hours ahead, Vancouver is in the same timezone as San Francisco. I can understand that the CNY show is taped, but why the heck is the Olympics coverage not LIVE ?

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