Friday, January 22, 2010

Fri, Jan 22

Happy New Year ! Yes, it gets old quickly.

Started out the year with three rides in the first three days of the month, including the first ride up Mount Diablo, and another ride one weekend later. Then last weekend, after I failed to get myself out the door, winter hit the West Coast with a vengeance. If 5-10 inches of rainfall weren't enough, this week we had approximately 5 winter storms, with thunder, with hail, snow on Mount Hamilton again, thousands of people without power, 18 ft swells at the coast, coast lines falling into the ocean, and even a tornado warning for the Bay Area. At least the water reservoirs are filling up quickly, something that is needed in Year 3 of the Drought. Tomorrow, Day 7 since "winter" started, we are supposed to get a break from the rain .. at least a small one. I hope to be able to get out for a bike ride; two weeks can do some real harm to your fitness.

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