Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tue, Nov 17

Day 6, as said, was a a repeat of the Paia to Keanae Peninsula ride, except for a side trip to Wailua Village, an isolated taro-farming community; total mileage / climbing: 53.2 miles / 5534 ft.

Day 7 was a rest day.

Day 8, an early morning ride to Lookout Point and back, 33.3 miles.

Day 9: in anticipation to ride Haleakala on Day 11 (Wednesday), this was supposed to be a longer ride, followed by a rest day on Tuesday (today, Day 10). After having talked to two other cyclists here who rode around West Maui, it reduced my objections to ride on this hilly route. The North-west / north corner is usually rather breezy and rainy, but the radar didn't really show any rain until I actually got drenched for the first time, a few miles before Kahakuloa. The ride through that village was treacherous, with slippery metal plates over a one-lane bridge, and then the tires having no grip on a small and steep incline, so that I had to walk the bike up the incline. From thereon, the road surface got worse, and a while later, it started to rain again, just before State Highway 340 begins. The descent into Wailuku would have really been awesome and fast, if the road would have been dry; instead, with lots of water running on the road, and brakes not working as efficiently, 20 mph was the maximum speed I could achieve. Before reaching Wailuku, the rain ceased, and I stopped for a moment to drain the water from my shoes. The ride back south on Highway 30 to Maalaea Harbor was fast, as I took advantage of strong headwinds and a decline, reaching 40 mph. From there, another 16 miles to Ka'anapali, for a total of 60.7 miles and 4k ft of climbing.

Day 10, today, resting and pondering whether to ride Haleakala tomorrow, or this time ride all the way to Hana.

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