Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thu, Nov 12

Day 3: Morning ride to the Lookout Point along Hwy 30, and back to Kaanapali for a total of 32 miles in 1:50h. Picked up a Subway sandwich on the return, took a nap, had lunch, and somehow got around the afternoon. Dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate, a cheap place that serves Hawaiian food. Hawaiian beer and the Hawaiian performance from next door's Luau made it pretty authentic. Mission accomplished.

Vista Point Hwy 30

Day 4, Wednesday, was a ride from Paia up to Kula. Five of us, two ride leaders and three clients, headed up Baldwin Ave, and soon dropped one rider who had ambitions to ride up Haleakala without any arm warmers, vest and leg warmers; I don't think he made it very far. Four remaining, we continued through Makawao, and soon it fortunately cooled down which helped us significantly with the climbing. Rest stop was at La Provence. Cappucino and tasty pastries was all we consumed there today, definitely I have to come back here. The remaining ride was fast and uneventful; total: 35 miles, 4044 ft climbing.
After Monday's Two-Pizza lunch at the Flatbread Company, I was lucky again there as I got the Buy-One-Get-One-Free-Beer Special. The evening was concluded with the usual Mai Tai's.

At Hookipa, famous surfing spot on the North Shore

Day 5, today, was supposed to be an easy recovery ride up from Kaanapali, but after having to fix a flat before even leaving, and realizing then that the tire had a side-wall cut with the tube lurking through, I decided to ditch the bike and instead drive around West Maui. This is a trip by itself, not for the faint-hearted due to one-lane roads and lot of rocks on the road.

If the weather holds, tomorrow's ride will be a repeat of Monday's ride, from Paia to Keanae Peninsula and back.

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