Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wed, Oct 21

Last Sunday was the first ride on the new bike. It still felt like I borrowed someone else's bike, instead of riding my own. First order obviously was to introduce the new bike to Mount Diablo, so I rode up to Lookout Point, past Junction, before considering that without vest and arm warmers, it would get too cold. Indulgence and just two bike rides within the prior two weeks were obviously detrimental to my fitness, as even on the new bike, I felt slow. Or maybe was it the additional weight of the new frame ? I asked Trek:

I rode a 62cm 2007 Madone 6.5 SSL until the frame cracked, and the dealer replaced the frame with a 2009 Madone 6.5 model, also 62cm.

The 2007 bike weighed 15.7 pounds without pedals on the dealer's scale when I bought it, and the 2009 bike weighs 18.8 pounds with pedals. The pedals are 280g each, so roughly 1 pound total. Based on this, the 2009 frame is about 2 pounds heavier than the old 2007 frame I had.

[...] The dealer says that the 2009 frame is lighter but the scale doesn't lie.

Trek answered:
I suspect the weight difference you're encountering is from the added material in the 2009 Madone's integrated seatmast. To make it more of a fair comparison, you should put the 2009 Madone's mast cap on, insert a seatpost into your 2007 frame, and install the bottom brackets for each bike. These are two places where the redesign we introduced in '08 saves weight compared to a traditional bike design.

That being said, please keep in mind that our focus when we redesigned the Madone in 2008 was not to make the lightest bike on the market. It was to make the best bike on the market. If it were possible to take '07 Madone and an '09 Madone and have two identical riders ride two identical races on them, the '09 rider would come out on top every time. The redesigned Madone has better power transfer from the BB90 bottom bracket cluster, better tracking from the stiffer 1-1/8" to 1.5" front end, and better endurance from the seatmast's greater vertical compliance.

The bottom line seems to be "The '09 is the better frame, don't complain and enjoy what you have". OK, I will.


Diablo Scott said...

Yeah, well you don't have your 2007 bike to put the seatpost in.

I think they're probably right though... or else your weight of the 2007 was off.

Sure LOOKS sweet!

pommi said...

Well, Trek tries to compare the frame weight while I compare bike weight. I took everything except frame and fork from the old bike, so it should be valid to compare the bikes with and without pedals. Trek's argument doesn't work here.
Anyway, few more rides, and I probably won't care anymore ;-)

Oh, and it's the 6.5 Pro frame I got ...

Daniel said...

Hey! Found your blog! Good to see you got a new ride.

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