Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thu, Oct 8

It's now been a few days after cracking my bike frame and racing up Diablo.

Rest day. Trek will replace the frame with a 2009 model; and they've never seen anything like that before. Pondering whether to get the 2010 model instead and pay the difference. Waiting for Trek to respond.

Rest day.

Rest day.

Rest day. Amici's pizza for lunch. Still waiting for Trek's response.

It will also be a rest day.

Total: 0.0 miles, 0:00h.


Diablo Scott said...

Trek will replace the frame with a 2009 model;

YEAH Trek! I almost was ready to talk my buddy out of a Trek after reading the tragedy post, but this is a really good sign.

pommi said...

Mike from Chain Reaction has been very supportive. Trek would give me a 2010 frame but only for 25% off the regular price. So now I'm going with a black/yellow/white colored 2009 frame. I hope to be able to ride it in a week from tomorrow.