Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sun, Oct 11

It must be Off-Season.

The plan for the days after the Mount Diablo Challenge was to take a break, and then resume the workout albeit at a lesser intensity. However, this week has turned into off-season. Typical symptoms:

- Thinking about a bike ride actually reduces your heart rate
- It takes days, not minutes, to finally fix the flat tire
- You eat more pizza and ice cream than energy gels and Cliff bars, and drink more beer than Gatorade
- Wife's "suggestion" to vacuum the house is not countered with "I have to go out for a ride" or "I have to clean the bike"; instead, you cave in.
- Cyclists post on Facebook about their desserts instead of their pace on Diablo
- You finally clean the fireplace from last winter's usage

In addition, the weather has turned cool and windy, so I am not very much inclined to step out the door right now. Also, with rain on the way, the cycling outlook remains bleak. I hope that by the time the new frame has arrived and the bike is reassembled, that we get those usual sunny and warm October days back. If not, my cycling season will resume in Maui in a month from today.

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