Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sat, Oct 3

I don't know what to say.

Decided to go out for an easy ride today. In Dublin, I hooked up with a group of cyclists, and we zoomed north on San Ramon Blvd. At mile 7.7, just past the Danville Town Limit Sign Sprint, I drove through a small ditch (not a pothole), heard a cracking sound, and felt the saddle tilt back. I stopped immediately and then it took only a second from thinking that maybe the saddle screw was lose to realizing that this was the last ride on this bike.

As if a broken frame wasn't enough, the ride completed with two flat tires, after apparently having rolled through a nest of thorns ... how else do you explain 5 punctures in 2 tubes ?

This definitely wasn't my day.

Brought the bike to Chain Reaction; they will contact Trek on Monday. This kind of damage is not supposed to happen. The seat post was sufficiently deep inserted into the seat tube. I expect / hope that Trek will replace the frame.

Most of my motivation for tomorrow faded away over the next few hours, but after leaving the bike store, I got my old clunker Trek 2000 from my office, just in case my motivation comes back. With a bike 7 pounds heavier than the Madone, I have no illusions about achieving the race time I like. If I go, I probably take it as an early morning exercise.


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Go. Ride. Start out just a few beats below your anaerobic threshold and keep it there the whole way up. In the last mile or so, hit the AT or go above and just keep on grinding.

And in preparation, scavenge what you can from the new bike. Wheels, especially if the rear cluster has the same number of gears as the old bike's derailleur can handle. That'll take a bit of weight off the bike. The rest of the weight is probably in non-moving parts and won't matter as much, though it will make the effort a bit harder.

You trained for this. Now go do it. Stinks that it's not on the newer bike, but that's no reason to miss out.

Then, when you're done, write a post about how it went. It'll go better than you expect.

strbuk said...

Pommi, I hope you decide to ride today, you'll feel worse if you don't do what you had intended to do for so long!!