Friday, October 2, 2009

Fri, Oct 2

The day of the race is almost there. The training log for the past week:

Danville - Juniper and back, 24.0 miles, 1:40h.

Pattern#2 repeated: no beer, no performance. Anticipating hot weather ahead, I started at 9am. But it's already a bad sign, if at that early hour, you see lots of cyclists coming down the mountain. Met Diablo Scott on the way between South Gate and Junction. It was a rather pathetic ride and a hot day today, and by the time I reached Juniper, I was done.


Canada Rd - Woodside - OLH Rd - Pescadero - HMB - 92 - Canada Rd, 57.6 miles, 3:40h, 5700ft of climbing. Unlike yesterday, today I felt a lot better. Started at 8:30am to beat the heat; interestingly, it got warmer the further up OLH Rd I got. On top, elapsed time 26.5 minutes. Continued down 84, where it got noticeably cooler, and for a brief moment, I thought of returning. But went on to continue to Pescadero, and then headed north on Hwy 1 to Half Moon Bay. Took 92 back to Canada Rd. I'm glad that I headed to the coast; those 70s on the Pacific Plate were a lot more pleasant than the 90s on the American Plate.

Rest day.

Lunch ride to Coyote Pt and back, with TBV and Bill. Little windy today, so it took 36 min outbound with 11/12 mph at times. 18.3 miles, 1:05h.


Spin class, 1:00h.

Lunch ride to Sawyer Camp Trail and back; 15.6 miles, 1:08h, with Bill and TBV. About 5 minutes of those 1:08h were spent talking to a cop who pulled TBV over after he ran a STOP sign at 20+ mph. Luckily, the cop didn't cite him. This was just bad timing because Bill and I were just a few seconds ahead, also speeding through the STOP sign. Somehow it's pointless talking to a cop since they think in this way:

while (!broke_law());

Therefore they can't or don't want to accept an even good explanation why and when we would not stop.

It's a crazy world ... again no time + again no car = again no beer.

This week's total: 115.5 miles, 8:33h.
Last week's total:
100.6 miles, 6:32h.
2 weeks ago's total: 102.4 miles, 6:15h.
3 weeks ago's total: 134.8 miles, 9:19h.
4 weeks ago's total: 68.8 miles, 5:14h.

I am ready for Sunday.

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