Friday, September 4, 2009

Fri, Sep 4

Now it can't be undone: I registered for the 2009 Mount Diablo Challenge.

The race uphill for 10.8 miles and 3249 ft of elevation is 30 days away. After last year's absence due to injury, I have to make good on my original goal: "riding the 2008 Mount Diablo Challenge on a new bike in 1:20h or less". The bike is not so new anymore, and it's 2009 now. I've beaten 1:20h before, but not as part of this race, so this time it counts.

I haven't trained explicitly for this year's race as I did in 2007, but for the fun of it, I'll start a training log for the remaining 4 weeks and change.

too hot; instead, worked in the back yard, enjoyed red wine and tiramisu.


35.4 miles, 2:16h total, mostly flat, except going up to Diablo's 1000ft marker. Maybe I indulged too much last night ?


Traditional rest day.


Lunch ride to Sawyer Camp Trail and back, 1:04h, 15.1 miles, with Bill.


Spin class, 1 hour.


Lunch ride to Coyote Point and back, by myself, 30 min out, 24 min back, 18.3 miles.


The original, traditional rest day, where the emphasis is on having beer at lunch.

Total: 68.8 miles, 5:14h.

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