Friday, September 25, 2009

Fri, Sep 25

Only 9 days left until the race; the training log for the past week:

Danville - Diablo Summit, 28.1 miles, 2:11h.

I see another pattern:
Last week: Friday beer -> Saturday great Diablo ride
This week: Friday no beer -> Saturday feel crappy ... so I was just dehydrated :).

More cyclists than usual ... sign of the upcoming race. Half way up the wall, I made a rookie mistake to let cars pass; when restarting, bike did a wheelie, and somehow I pulled something in my right shoulder. Driving back home with a stick-shift wasn't much fun when pulling and pushing hurts. At least I finally got to enjoy a beer at home, before I installed my new Selle SMP saddle; looking forward to more comfortable riding from now on.


Pleasanton - Walnut Creek and back, 38.4 miles, 2:17h, avg. 18.1 mph.
The first 38 miles on the new saddle felt great; I hope the saddle quest is now over.

Spin class, 1 hour; during this hour, the only thing I heard, was "out of the saddle!".

Lunch ride to Coyote Pt and back with TBV and Bill. 19 miles, 0:59h.


Rest Day = Company Retreat = Picnic = Beer.


Lunch ride to Sawyer Camp Trail and back with TBV and Bill. 15.1 miles, 1:05h.

It should be prohibited by law to schedule meetings on Fridays anywhere close to noon, let's say between 10am and 3pm. How should one otherwise get to have a couple of well deserved beers ???

Total: 100.6 miles, 6:32h.

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GMR said...

I definitely have road-mountain envy, Pommi. My road has been closed for the past month. So if I want some climbing to do I need to hop in the car and drive 9 hours to get to Diablo!

Beer=good ride!