Friday, September 18, 2009

Fri, Sep 18

Only 16 days left until the race; the training log for the past week:

Danville - Diablo Summit. On the way down, just past the 2000 ft elevation sign, I met TBV sitting at the side of the road with a flat tire. Together, we rode back up to Juniper, then back to Danville, 2:38h, 34.3 miles, 4480ft of climbing; 1:15h from Hole in the Wall up to Summit, excluding the obligatory breaks at Junction, Juniper and Lower Parking Lot. It was a quiet day on Diablo; the early morning rain and thunderstorm probably kept people at home, before the weather cleared at around noon.


Pleasanton - Walnut Creek and back,
1:55h, 33.o miles, avg. 18.4 mph.

Couldn't find my list of excuses, so went to spin class, 1 hour.

Lunch ride to Sawyer Camp Trail and back, 15 miles, 1:05h, with TBV and Bill. I notice a pattern: crappy legs the day after spin class. Pondering to make Wednesday a rest day, and visit REI instead.


Rest day indeed; legs still feel a bit sore, maybe a sign of over-training ? Visited REI to load up on Cliff bars and cycling socks.


Lunch ride to Coyote Point Gate, then doing a 3-minute Campus crit because TBV hadn't gotten enough exercise after 57 minutes on the road; 20.1 miles, 1:00h.

Mmmh, beer ... or so I thought. But if people show up at work without a car, then how do you get to the beer ? At least I didn't make a drunk expression to the VP during my presentation.

Total: 102.4 miles, 6:15h.

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