Friday, September 11, 2009

Fri, Sep 11

Only 23 days left until the race; the training log for the past week:

Danville - Diablo Summit - Danville, 2:07h, 28.1 miles; 1:15h from Hole in the Wall up to Summit, excluding the obligatory breaks at Junction, Juniper and Lower Parking Lot. It was also another "Bring your car to Diablo"-Day, and noticeable number of cyclists, apparently also getting ready for Oct 4.

Rest day, lawn mowing and mental preparation for the Labor Day Ride.


Labor Day Ride with TBV and Dave F, Fairfax - Nicasio - Tomales - Pt. Reyes Station - Nicasio - Fairfax; 4:10h, 73.5 miles, avg. 17.6 mph. Only Dave B remarked being sore the next day.

Cheese factory: 16.2mls - 0:59h,
Tomales: 37.3mls - 2:13h,
50.0mls - 2:52h,
Pt.Reyes St: 54.0mls - 3:05h
60.0mls - 3:26h,
70.0mls - 3:59h,
back in Fairfax: 73.5mls - 4:10h


Little tired this morning. Tried to make list of excuses to avoid the lunch ride, but then decided to man up and go: Coyote Point and back, 1:00h, 18.4 miles, with Bill.


Spin class, 1 hour; actually no class and just spin, because instructor Elaine was out sick. Additional hardship: spinning to music of Cirque Du Soleil is only for the toughest.


Late lunch ride to Sawyer Camp Trail and back, 1:02h, 14.8 miles, with TBV. It was hot and legs felt like crap.


Did I say rest day ? Happy Friday was celebrated with cheeseburgers and Stella at the usual joint.

Total: 134.8 miles, 9:19h.

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