Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sun, Aug 16

This weekend started out as usual: zero motivation at 7:30am in the morning to do anything else than turn around in your bed and continue to sleep for another 2-3 hours.

An SMS from TBV then got me awake: "Leaving now for Sierra Rd". Ok, good, here comes peer pressure as some motivation to get me ready and going. The ride to San Jose was flat and fast, and before reaching Sierra Rd and the begin of the climb, we loaded up on carbs and sugar at Una Mas. Instead of the nap after a meal, we acted refreshed after burrito and Pepsi, and soon turned onto Sierra Rd, with the 10% upfront climb in nice sight. With my great ability to go out too fast and bonk early, I dropped back at about half way up, and rather struggled my way up for the remainder of the 1800 ft climb over 3.7 miles. By the time I reached the summit, TBV had grown a nice beard, completed a 1000-piece puzzle, and summer had turned to autumn. On the following false-downhill (yes, there are not only false-flats) I recovered enough to change my mind from taking a nap to continuing via Calaveras. Next stop was Sunol at mile 55; regained energy with Monster Energy and Gatorade, before continuing west-ward. Ride finished after 65.9 miles.

Sunday started similarly as Saturday, though today I was even more determined than yesterday, to stay home. Wife though insisted "go, go, go", and TBV's message about an easy 71-mile ride got me out the door. We met up at 9:15am, and rode south to Sunol and east to Livermore before the burrito stop. Energized, the ride back was next interrupted by the ice-cream stop in San Ramon. There must have been something in that ice cream, because next thing, we were riding at 25+ mph for the next 4 miles to Danville. Soon after, we split up, and I completed my ride in Pleasanton after 49.2 miles.

Total mileage for the weekend: 115.1; this is second most mileage cycled on a weekend; most mileage, 117.2, was exactly one year ago, Aug 16 and 17. After having cycled 72.3 miles on Saturday, the ride on Sunday came to a crashing halt at 45.2 miles.

2 comments: said...

Wow, didn't know this was the longest since your incident. Good for you. Would have encouraged you do another few to beat your old record. I'd probably be a lot worse off now without the time and effort saved trading pulls with you on the flatter parts.

strbuk said...

"tearing up" so nice to see TBV and Pommi in print. I miss EVERYONE!!