Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sun, Jul 26: Stage 32

Today's stage was 48.6 miles, from Pleasanton /plɛzɑ̃̃tɔ̃/ to Mont Diabloux and back. Pommi's mission today was "I have unfinished business", meaning the missed opportunity to summit last weekend, and to ride up all the way today. At Mile 6, Pommi took the sprint points at the Danville Town Limit sign, ahead of a vintage guy on a vintage bike, wearing vintage cycling clothing. The climb to Mont Diabloux began at Mile 13, and from thereon it was a grueling 11 mile ascent of the Horse Category (because you really need a horse to pull you up the mountain). Pommi took the KOM points at Col de la Junction (ahead of the rider with the trailer with his two kids) and at the Summit of Mont Diabloux. The 22-minute ride down (compare this to 1 1/2 hours riding up, excluding the 1 hour for rest stops) was similarly uneventful and unrefreshing as last weekend, with temperatures now in the Oven Category. The final 10 miles back were not very enjoying after having emptied a bottle of Gatorade instead of water over my head. The ride ended with a sprint on Dublin Elysees; not because of more points to collect, but because I really wanted to go home and take a nap.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sat, Jul 18

Today I made a mistake by picking the Middle East Bay as cycling venue. I wanted to ride Mount Diablo today, so I left home at a comfortable 72F at about 9:30am; about 15 minutes later, across the ridge in the San Ramon Valley, the reading was mid-80's. At the start of the ride, 87F. Nevertheless I struggled my way up to Juniper before turning around, hoping to cool down a bit; it worked until turning the corner at South Gate, when it started feeling like a giant hairdryer blowing hot air. 102F by the time I finished; tomorrow: cycling closer to the coast.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fri, Jul 3

Another weekday off work since it's 4th of July weekend. The weather today was too gorgeous to pass up on a ride up Diablo; mid-70s when I started, and when I finished, the thermometer in the car said 102F ... probably closer to mid-90s. This has just been my sixth bike ride in the last four weeks, and since I came back from China.

Thu Jun 25 - Sun Jun 28: Vancouver

In order to escape the masses on the 4th of July weekend, we scheduled a trip one week earlier, and flew out to Vancouver Thursday night. This was about the 6th trip up to north of the border; we simply love this city. Saturday, we rented a bike to ride along the shore, through Stanley Park, by English Bay and False Creek.

Bike fashion in Vancouver: