Monday, April 20, 2009

Sun, Apr 19

After little over two years, back again at Mines Rd. This time, we went past the Alameda/Santa Clara County Line, back up to the Summit and down to the "what we call the Store", just before Hwy 130. Coming back, riding time from County Line back to Tesla Rd: 19.5 miles in 58 minutes. Total distance: 57.4 miles, 4295 ft of climbing.

Total distance for the weekend: 88.6 miles.

In other news, another encounter of car vs cyclist:

Cyclist struck by hit-and-run driver in Saratoga suffers head trauma, but conscious

A competitive cyclist who was struck by a car on Sunday is conscious and speaking, although she suffered head trauma and bleeding in her brain, her boyfriend said today in an interview.

Ashley Jackson, 24, a Category 4-grade competitor who rides with Alto Velo/Webcor, can't remember anything about the 5:30 p.m. collision as she cycled along Highway 9 near Fruitvale Avenue in Saratoga, said boyfriend David Nelson, 41.

But other than that, the West Valley College student doesn't appear to be suffering from other types of amnesia and can recognize everyone in the room, he said.

"Neurosurgeons are watching her and doctors and nurses are asking her questions every hour,'' said Nelson, who was also clipped by a car he described as a silver BMW, either a 745 or 750, with a dangling right side mirror.

Nelson said his injuries were minor.

Jackson is being treated at Valley Medical Center. She broke her clavicle, and has had one MRI and three CT scans so far, Nelson said, and she is awaiting an official prognosis on her recovery. She is listed in serious but stable condition and no word has been given about her hospital release, Nelson said.

The two were cycling together, he said, single-file in the bike lane, with helmets on. The BMW struck Jackson first, then Nelson, and then appeared to pull over to stop for a moment before speeding off, Nelson said.

Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies are investigating. But as of this morning, there was no new information to report about a suspect, according to Sgt. Don Morrissey.

The hunt is on:
Late model Silver 7 series BMW hit a cyclist on Highway 9 and Fruitvale at 5:30 pm Sunday in Saratoga and drove off. She was in the BIKE LANE. The girl is in critical condition with massive head injuries. She is only 24 years old.
No witnesses to report license. If you saw a BMW with a broken or missing side mirror PLEASE PLEASE contact the Saratoga police.
Dont let this a$$hole get away with this.
Somebody has seen this car, somebody......

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