Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sun, Dec 14

Hayward (pln) - Pommi prematurely ends the 2008 cycling season after the weekend was just friggin' cold and wet. Folks in areas where it's about -2F right now, are probably rolling on the floor laughing hard. There's just one more weekend left this year for some California cycling, but the chances for 60+ degrees are rather slim.

With 2624 miles for the year, I came up 92 miles short of last year's mileage, and 376 miles short of my initial goal; as mentioned before, May and September were spent in China and recovery.

Breakdown by month:

Jan 110.0
Feb 111.5
Mar 361.8
Apr 150.6
May 31.6
Jun 207.8
Jul 393.3
Aug 367.4
Sep 69.0
Oct 334.1
Nov 430.0
Dec 57.5

My 2009 goals are undefined as of yet except participating in 2-3 centuries.

The 2009 New Year ride will not be on a bike up Diablo, but on a train from Frankfurt to Munich; my cycling season will start January 10.

Until then, Happy Holidays, and don't drink too much eggnog.

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