Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wed, Nov 12 - Haleakala

To make a long story short: the ride to the House of the Sun ended up being a ride to the House of the Fog.

At about 7am, it looked to be a clear and sunny day on Haleakala. We started the ride close to 8:50am at the Maui Cyclery in Haiku. The route took us on backroads up to about 3100 feet, and the first stop, at the Kula Lodge. It was noticeably cooler already than at the start of the ride, and at the next stop at about 5000 feet, arm warmers and vests came on. At 6500 feet visibility was maybe 100 feet at times due to the fog. With still 13 of 22 miles on Highway 378 to go to the Summit, we decided to turn around. We had a blast going 40 mph downhill, and were back to Haiku an hour later.

Climbing 6500 feet is the equivalent of riding up Mount Diablo twice, and despite the failure to summit, I enjoyed the 44 mile ride. In retrospect, I regret that I gave up, because physically I could have continued on the final 1/3 of the ride, but mentally I wasn't ready for the cold and another 13 miles of uphill riding. At least Haleakala doesn't go anywhere; one day I'll complete the ride.

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