Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sun, Sep 14

After four weeks of idling and recovering, today I decided to go out for a ride. Instead of crossing the Bay though, I just circled the nearby Cal State campus for a total of 15 miles. All went well, but I realize that it's still early to push ahead for more; bumps and other unevenness in the road still creates an uncomfortable feeling. I think that I will have to skip the Diablo Challenge, and instead, contribute as a volunteer to the event.

Returning without incident ...

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GMR said...


Good to see you on a bike. The road to recovery is slow, yet very rewarding. This comes from first foot knowledge. The Xray pictures are awesome.

I do like the jersey. Are you still using your Polar power meter or did you switch to a Cycleops Power Tap?

I am also missing the "first annual" TBV Triathalon. Perhaps next year. Do you really enjoy the mountain in a crowd of riders?