Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sat, Sep 27

Another beautiful autumn day in the Bay Area.

While I'm pondering whether to go for a ride or not, fellow cyclist TBV is in the hospital recovering from his injuries that he sustained during an accident, about which he wrote a detailed report.

As you can see and read, cyclists and other weaker participants in traffic, have to be smarter and more prepared than others in 3-4 thousand pound sheet metal boxes. Anticipating other driver's mistakes or inattentiveness is important to avoid an accident, or otherwise look for the best way out. Wearing bright clothing, a helmet, and lights at dawn or dusk, are compulsory; make yourself visible to drivers behind glass and windshield wipers. Always carry some I.D. and a cell phone. Being smarter and more prepared can save your life. Be safe out there. Always.

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