Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thu, Aug 21

Two stories making headlines today:

1. Pommi is back home after surgery, doing fine, and now a big fan of Ibuprofen.

2. 15-year old girl learning to drive SUV kills cyclist

I'm at a loss of words ... kids driving 4000-pound vehicles after getting this lousy driver education. I remember the driving test I had to take in CA after moving here; it was a casual drive around 5 blocks, with one stop at a curb and having to back up 10 meters, plus a 3-point turn on such a wide road where you actually can do a straight U-turn twice (!).

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GMR said...

Hope the surgery was short and sweet. Enjoy the time off, although the addiction to the ride may not be blunted by the Ibuprofen.

Are your shoulder bones nicely lined up? or are you bandaged up you won't be able to tell for awhile?

-- GMR