Monday, August 18, 2008

Mon, Aug 18

367 miles for this month, 120 miles alone last weekend ... but that's it for Pommi for the next several weeks ... yesterday I added myself to the list of cyclists breaking the shoulder or collarbone when crashing. Somehow I managed to catapult myself off the bike after having taken the left hand off the handlebar and then obviously pushing the handlebar too much and/or leaning left too much (details are fuzzy) when trying to grab the handlebar again. The handlebar went right, and I went left and down, hitting the pavement with the left shoulder and head. Rookie mistake. The helmet and the collarbone both cracked; the bike is in better shape than me. Thanks to the lady who stopped to call 911.


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


Been there, done that, wouldn't recommend such a maneuver to anyone. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Would that mean you'll not be doing Mt. Diablo? Or do you have the bike propped up on a stationary trainer while you're recuperating?

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

strbuk said...

Get well fast Pommi, Diablo awaits.

str said...

Cut the poor guy some slack (started to write "give him a break" and thought better). He has at least a week of enjoying his painkillers before anyone can reasonably suggest he get back on a trainer, much less a bike. If he wants to take, oh, 5 weeks off, that's fine with me.


pommi said...

Thanks you all for the best wishes. Interestingly the bruised rips and the tetanus shot location hurt more than the shoulder, and all still without painkillers. This might change tomorrow when I see the doc, and if or if not surgery is required. in either case, the focus is now on recovery, not Diablo.

Diablo Scott said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to both you and TbV.

Since RIDING the Challenge is out... would you consider volunteering to help with the event?

You know how to reach me!

天行健,君子当自强不息 said...

oooh, i am sorry to hear that. hope you have recovery from it.
Best Regards to you.

i have ran over 700km in the last two months, about 10km per day from home to office

i bought it in Decathlon, rockrider 5.0 :)