Friday, August 22, 2008

Fri, Aug 22

The Bell helmet that saved my head; arrows point to the cracks.

Bike damage is minor: torn handlebar tape, scratches on pedal and shift brake lever, plus flat front tire.

The other damage:

According to the X-ray from after surgery, which I personally haven't seen yet, the bones are again nicely lined up, held by a metal plate and several screws. Loath going through airport security next time ...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thu, Aug 21

Two stories making headlines today:

1. Pommi is back home after surgery, doing fine, and now a big fan of Ibuprofen.

2. 15-year old girl learning to drive SUV kills cyclist

I'm at a loss of words ... kids driving 4000-pound vehicles after getting this lousy driver education. I remember the driving test I had to take in CA after moving here; it was a casual drive around 5 blocks, with one stop at a curb and having to back up 10 meters, plus a 3-point turn on such a wide road where you actually can do a straight U-turn twice (!).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mon, Aug 18

367 miles for this month, 120 miles alone last weekend ... but that's it for Pommi for the next several weeks ... yesterday I added myself to the list of cyclists breaking the shoulder or collarbone when crashing. Somehow I managed to catapult myself off the bike after having taken the left hand off the handlebar and then obviously pushing the handlebar too much and/or leaning left too much (details are fuzzy) when trying to grab the handlebar again. The handlebar went right, and I went left and down, hitting the pavement with the left shoulder and head. Rookie mistake. The helmet and the collarbone both cracked; the bike is in better shape than me. Thanks to the lady who stopped to call 911.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wishing TBV to get well soon

In his preparation to smash this year's Mount Diablo Challenge competition, TBV went down yesterday during a training ride and broke his shoulder. The new bike is fine but he won't be riding for a while. We wish him a quick recovery !

Sun, Aug 3

It's August ... already ... last month's mileage (393) raised my pace for this year to 2477, up from 1900 just three weeks ago. Last week plus this weekend added 124 miles to the count. After TBV told about his Diablo 1:20h, I had to counter: today 1:14h from the hole in the wall up to the summit; however, this was just riding time, excluding the stops at Junction, Juniper and lower Summit parking lot. I still have to work on my pace to eliminate these breaks.