Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sat, Jul 12

It's been eight weeks since I got back from China, and not only have I been lazy updating my blog, but also lazy to bike and even lazy to follow this year's Tour de France.

After last year's Tour and its doping cases, I really got tired of following the pro's. Not watching this year's Tour was probably also a good decision, considering Beltran's positive EPO test and the anticipated, usual fallout.

Not riding a lot lately myself has other reasons. My wife calls it "mid-life crisis", but I'm really NOT into writing poems, traveling to Antarctica, buying a Porsche, becoming a healer, growing a mustache, spending hours in front of the mirror, skydiving, or moving to Shangri-La ... or contemplating about it in a blog ;-) ... maybe just ready for a real long vacation. So far, 277 miles in 8 weeks, current pace for the year: 1900 miles, just 1100 miles short of my stated goal. It's going to be tough.

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