Monday, July 28, 2008

Mon, Jul 28

Since I posted last time, 16 days ago, I've racked up 283 miles, 112 alone since last Friday. I did the honorable thing and rode the bike to work Friday; Saturday's ride was the usual route on the Peninsula, to Chain Reaction Bicycles and back. After getting up on Sunday, I initially declared this a recovery day, before I declared I could at least do a recovery ride. Next thing was seeing Mount Diablo in the distance, and thinking that I could ride up to South Gate and then return. But this mountain has this unexplainable appeal, so I continued to Junction, when the mountain said "come on, if you can do Junction, you can do Juniper", and once there, it said "now please, only another 849 feet of climbing". Diablo was stronger, and I made it to the summit in 1:22 hours, 2 minutes faster than my previous record during last year's Diablo Challenge ... TBV, take that.

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