Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sat, May 31

Pommi has been back from China for two weeks now. Last Sunday I rode my bike for the first time in six weeks, and Boy, it felt good. Eight pound lighter (probably all due to the light Qingdao beer in China ;-)), the inclines felt easier. Endurance was fine, but after six weeks of not riding any bike including the one in the hotel gym, your leg muscles have vanished like ice cream in the sunshine. So I feel like this is the start of spring season after a long winter break. Diablo will have to wait a few weeks, and even TBV's Ralston Rd regimen seems like too much effort right now.

If you haven't seen it yet, Google created a Street View of Mount Diablo; check it out.

Also, the Diablo Challenge 2008 has been scheduled for October 5. Yes, my goal for this year had been "1:20h or faster on a new bike up Mount Diablo", and while I have a new bike, I can't say yet whether I will participate in this year's race to the summit.

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