Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sun, Apr 13

While the Kansas City Royals played their first home game of the 2008 season this Sunday during a 29F wind chill, the Bay Area saw more like 92F this weekend. The plan for this Sunday was to go on a nice long bike ride, via Mount Diablo, through Morgan Territory. We started close to 9:30am, and by the time we reached the Junction, the Ranger station's outside temperature sensor said "80.4F". After Rich' and Dave's detour to Juniper, the four of us zoomed down Diablo via North Gate Rd and continued on the short and dreadful stretch of Ygnacio Valley Rd until arriving in Clayton. After filling up the water bottles and pitying people having to spend their Sunday morning in a park chasing their kids, we continued on Marsh Creek Rd and Morgan Territory Rd, and didn't stop until Morgan Territory Regional Preserve; mileage so far: 40.2. On downhills always the first, TBV hit 46.1 mph during the 4 mile descent from the 2020 ft summit, while others suddenly slowed down after thinking of tires blowing up at 42.4 mph. During the final 20 miles, the brains thought about cold beer while the bodies mindlessly pedaled through 90+ degrees of heat. Finally back to our starting point, cold beer, tasty burgers and a jump into the pool for others, was reality.

In the beginning: TBV and Dave getting ready ...

In the end: 4:47 h riding time, distance 65.3 miles (104.5 km), average 13.1 mph, ~5500ft of climbing.

2008 riding stats (2007 stats in parenthesis) as of 4/13:
#of rides: 21 (24), annual mileage: 734 (832), pace: 2551.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sun, Apr 6

Geez, all these spiderwebs here ...

Lately I have been busy with entertaining my parents-in-law, therefore I've not really had any time to write.

So for my loyal readers (pommi, Google Bot, last but not least: me):

2008 riding stats (2007 stats in parenthesis) as of 4/6:
#of rides: 19 (23), annual mileage: 654 (794), pace: 2459.

Pace-wise I would be on the right track for my 3000-mile goal, if there wouldn't be a 3 1/2 week trip to China coming up, because this means again no cycling except on the stationary bike in the hotel gym.