Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sun, Mar 9

And suddenly it's spring in the Bay Area ... or my car's temperature sensor is broken ... 77F at 3pm in San Ramon.

After a 39-mile ride yesterday along the San Ramon Valley, with Mount Diablo just looming in the distance, I decided that today I would reverse roles, and have the San Ramon Valley looming in the distance. Unbeknownst to me, today was "Bring you SUV or Minivan to Diablo and Clog the Road Day"; for a moment I thought that I was caught in the rush hour on US101. At least I managed to pass them all on the way down.

The new bike is worth the money. Before, I thought that it's me who can't corner like TBV while racing down Diablo, but in fact it's the bike ! It was a blast. Time-wise, I've still got work to do. The 7 pounds I've saved with the bike definitely makes me faster, but it still took me 88 minutes from Athenian School to the summit.

Some impressions from today:

The crowd at the Junction Ranger Station where the thermometer said "72.4F".

One of two unicyclists on they way up to Junction.

Two of two ...

At Devil's Silde ... the end is near.

The Pink Lady with her 80-90 pound (!) baggage ... and she's riding a 24:34 gear ratio (yes, 24 in the front, 34 in the back).

Finally there ...

... and with always great views !

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