Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday, Mar 23

Originally I wanted to write this eye-catching headline of "Mt. Diablo and Mt. Hamilton in one day", but then I only ended up going up Mt. Hamilton.

My parents-in-law are in town from China, and we decided to drive up from San Jose for a visit to the Lick Observatory. The drive up just confirmed that I will never ever ride up to Mt. Hamilton from the San Jose side. The road is narrow, and it bad shape most of time. I always say, the roads in China are in better shape than in California.

The Diablo plan didn't materialize because today I needed to get a high mileage in less than four hours. When I started at 9am, it was maybe 55F, but it warmed up quickly. I rode my favorite route, Canada Rd down to Woodside, Portola Valley and Los Altos. I continued on Stevens Canyon Rd, by the crash site from two weeks ago, and climbed Mt. Eden Rd and Pierce Rd before returning. After exactly four hours and 61.5 miles (3:43 riding time), I was back at Canada Rd and 92.

2008 riding stats (2007 stats in parenthesis) as of 3/23:
#of rides: 16 (19), annual mileage: 538 (664), pace: 2365.

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