Friday, March 21, 2008

Cipo leaves Rock Racing

An anonymous source managed to get hold of an email thread between Mario Cipollini and Rock Racing's owner Michael Ball, that details the exact reasons for Mario's split with the team:

Ciao Michael,

thank you for giving me the opportunity for a comeback to professional cycling. I could not have imagined after three years of retirement, to be able to participate in another bicycling race.

Anyhow, I have decided to leave Rock Racing because of the several unresolved and unpleasant issues over the past weeks, in particular during the Tour of California:

1. Stage 2, Santa Rosa to Sacramento: I was supposed to get a manicure while in the feed zone, instead I was told to "shut up and ride" ... what the heck ?

2. Stage 4, Seaside to San Luis Obispo: the hair dryers in the team cars shorted twice, probably because of the rain. My hair looked like hell during most of the 7 hours on the road.

3. Also Stage 4: in the first feed zone, the Saltimbocca I received, was cold, so was the Bardolino, and the two espressos. Is asking for a hot meal and tempered beverages too much ?

4. Stage 6: Santa Barbara - Santa Clarita: with about 2.5 miles to go in this stage, I couldn't avoid the pile-up due to Mark Cavendish' crash, so I went down and shattered my Rolex. I had submitted an expense report, but you declined to pay for the broken watch.

I hope you respect my decision.

Ciao bello,

Mario is still looking for a new team, and he will not participate in the 99th Milan-San Remo this Easter weekend.

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cat2bike said...

That sounds reasonable to me! When Cipo said that there were too many beautiful women around at IB, and he was too distracted to talk to Ball, I wondered if this was a relationship made for the long haul!