Saturday, February 9, 2008

There's a new bike on the block

Veni, Vedi, Vici ... I came, saw it, and just got it.

2007 Madone 6.5 SSL

The bike is complete and ready to ride except for the bike computer, which I still have to order, and some accessories for the saddle bag. The bike weighs in at about 15.7 pounds without pedals, and at about 16.5 with the pedals I used for the test ride. First order was to get rid of the white handlebar tape and replace it with a nice dark blue color one. Next, two bottle cages, weighing 50g, then the Dura-Ace pedals at 280g. Nothing compared to the rider with a whopping 200 pounds *cough cough*. Maiden ride will happen after I have installed the bike computer.

4 comments: said...

Oooo, now I'm in trouble, and you have a spare to leave in the office.


GMR said...


Did you decide on a Polar S725x or Edge 705?

I have a Polar CS600 with a power meter.

Are you coming to the Prologue on Sunday with TBV?

pommi said...

the spare is now in the office, ready for the Thu ride.

I ordered a Polar S725x; not that I needed it, but I wanted it.

I plan to be in Palo Alto on Sunday, with the new bike, weather permitting; I'll try to round up TBV and a few others.

Are you coming up north ?

i8chocolate said...

Suhweeeeeet!! Enjoy it in your nice weather, unlike ours. jealous.