Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday, Feb 3

Yes, it's that time of year now, when this nation enjoys sitting in front of the TV for six straight hours, watching a bunch of padded wusses playing a one-hour game stretched out over like three hours and viewing admittedly funny commercials for watery substances. Right, I still don't like football and never will, but who doesn't remember those two commercials:

Last year to this day, it was NOT raining and about 15 degrees warmer. As much as I'd like to go out for a ride, the view towards the north-west tells me to stay put to avoid getting wet and cold; luckily someone invented indoor trainers.

Quote of the day goes to Dick Pound, who was nominated for the presidency of CAS. Pound claims to be "well-suited" for the job, and then says

“Listen, it would be the first time in 30 years that the IOC has given me a job that I actually understand.”

If I interpret this correctly, he hasn't understood his job as head of WADA. Ah ok, he IS qualified for the CAS position.

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