Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sun, Feb 17

Today I took my new bike out for its first ride. Just after starting, I looked at the display and said too myself "Damn, this bike is FAST !!!" ..... Then I changed the units from km/h to mph.
In the first few miles, I didn't really feel a significant difference between the old and new bike, but after two days of falling for too much beer and wine, what do you expect.
The ride went to Los Altos and from there to the Stanford campus for the Prologue of the 2008 Tour of California. Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out where TBV and GMR were located (maybe I should've gotten the Garmin Edge 705 instead of the Polar S725x ;-)), but I ran into Rich L plus company, and we hung out for a bit, before I decided to head back home.
The Prologue was won by Fabian Cancellara; last year's winner, Levi Leipheimer, finished 4th.

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GMR said...


If you have attached the cadence piece with the tape, I ended up using a metal velcro after the tape lost its grip.

Missed seeing you. I hope you were by the palm trees on palm drive.