Monday, February 11, 2008

Mon, Feb 11

Fellow bicyclist GMR is keeping track of my mileage .... interesting; feels like I'm in a competition with him now ;-). Well, after a weather-related break of three weeks, as of yesterday, it's 156.2 for the year, but I'm already 190 miles behind in my pace to ride 3000 miles in 2008. Last year on this day, I had already cycled 360 miles for the year.

With temperatures having cracked the 70F mark for the second day in a row, it was real delightful going out for a ride. While the new bike rested in the garage, waiting for its bike computer and for next Sunday, me and the old bike enjoyed the 46 miles from Belmont to Los Altos and back. Cheers to the guy with whom I rode for a while, who declared to get lunch at Robert's Market in Woodside, and who came out of the store with just a can of Sapporo beer.

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