Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sun, Jan 6

Today was a cold day at Diablo. 40F at the Junction and 36F at the parking lot just below the summit. There were only a dozen of riders on the way up or down, and I saw maybe just four past the Junction, between Juniper and the summit. A few reminders of the last days' winter storms could still be seen: rock- and mudslides. The last stretch ("The Wall") was closed to traffic today.

My timings today, from Athenian school respectively: South Gate 9 minutes, Junction 14 min, Lower parking lot 27 min ... yes, we took the "Never Follow" vehicle today.

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Diablo Scott said...

Bravo. I gave up calling the road closure hotline about noon on Sunday. Can you tell why they shut down? Were the mud slides really that bad?