Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sun, Jan 13

If yesterday felt like early spring, today it felt like mid-spring; a bit warmer and clearer than yesterday. Today on the agenda: climb Mount Diablo to the summit. We completed the ascent, but I think it took us in the neighborhood of two hours, just riding time. But the struggle was all worth it, considering the great views.

135-degree panorama view from Juniper

Junction, 4.5 miles to the summit from here

This is why we live here

Juniper ... still 2 miles to go for TBV

Finally, the view from the summit


GMR said...

Did both you and TBV wear Phonak kits? Need a picture of both of you! I happened to cheer a rider with a Phonak kit on in my knick of the woods this weekend. Great pictures. The view is awesome.

I need to start planning the ToC stages I plan to attend. And thought about coming up to the Palo Alto Prologue. No reservations yet.

pommi said...


no I don't wear any team kit, just solid colors or one of my CycleOps jerseys. Will get you a picture next time.

Like last year, I'll plan to attend Prologue and Stage 3 @ Sierra Rd, a Cat 1 climb.