Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sat, Jan 12

Felt like spring today in the Bay Area, lower 60s, sunny. Went out on a quick 28-mile ride after almost two weeks of idling. Mount Diablo looked inviting, but it's on the plan for tomorrow.

While I was thinking about either attending a training camp this spring, or just driving down to SoCal by myself, it occurred to me that I haven't heard anything about a 2008 Floyd Landis Power Training Camp; the website indeed still refers to the 2007 event. It appears, Floyd will rather be attending Rock Racing's training camp in Malibu, running Jan 18-31.

The start of the 2008 Tour Of California is just 36 days away. On Sunday, Feb 17, the Prologue will be held in Palo Alto, start time is 1pm. It's hard to believe that it's already a year since Levi Leipheimer won the opening time trial in San Francisco. That same day, I met Floyd Landis for the first time at the Smith & Nephew booth, and later at the FFF Townhall Meeting.

Now it's time for a rest, otherwise TBV will beat me tomorrow.

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