Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sat, Jan 19

The slogan on one of my water bottles: "climb, climb, climb".
The climb up to Junction today: "slow, slow, slow".

Ironic, that for a living I figure out how to make our software run faster, but I'm getting slower riding up this mountain. I should find a water bottle that says "less beer, more training"; the next Mount Diablo Challenge is just 259 days away.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sun, Jan 13

If yesterday felt like early spring, today it felt like mid-spring; a bit warmer and clearer than yesterday. Today on the agenda: climb Mount Diablo to the summit. We completed the ascent, but I think it took us in the neighborhood of two hours, just riding time. But the struggle was all worth it, considering the great views.

135-degree panorama view from Juniper

Junction, 4.5 miles to the summit from here

This is why we live here

Juniper ... still 2 miles to go for TBV

Finally, the view from the summit

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sat, Jan 12

Felt like spring today in the Bay Area, lower 60s, sunny. Went out on a quick 28-mile ride after almost two weeks of idling. Mount Diablo looked inviting, but it's on the plan for tomorrow.

While I was thinking about either attending a training camp this spring, or just driving down to SoCal by myself, it occurred to me that I haven't heard anything about a 2008 Floyd Landis Power Training Camp; the website indeed still refers to the 2007 event. It appears, Floyd will rather be attending Rock Racing's training camp in Malibu, running Jan 18-31.

The start of the 2008 Tour Of California is just 36 days away. On Sunday, Feb 17, the Prologue will be held in Palo Alto, start time is 1pm. It's hard to believe that it's already a year since Levi Leipheimer won the opening time trial in San Francisco. That same day, I met Floyd Landis for the first time at the Smith & Nephew booth, and later at the FFF Townhall Meeting.

Now it's time for a rest, otherwise TBV will beat me tomorrow.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sun, Jan 6

Today was a cold day at Diablo. 40F at the Junction and 36F at the parking lot just below the summit. There were only a dozen of riders on the way up or down, and I saw maybe just four past the Junction, between Juniper and the summit. A few reminders of the last days' winter storms could still be seen: rock- and mudslides. The last stretch ("The Wall") was closed to traffic today.

My timings today, from Athenian school respectively: South Gate 9 minutes, Junction 14 min, Lower parking lot 27 min ... yes, we took the "Never Follow" vehicle today.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Diablo Ride

A slight hangover and cool temperatures did not prevent me this early afternoon of paying Mount Diablo a visit on my bike. It felt good to be riding again, especially for the purpose of beginning the New Year with a good effort. Many cyclists had the same idea, and it seemed like just any other Sunday during warmer seasons, considering the drones of riders going up or down the mountain.
On the way up to South Gate, a rider zoomed down by me, and he looked awfully like Levi; I was also on the lookout for TBV, but I'm not sure whether or not he actually made it out to Diablo today. The Junction was my final destination today; the Summit has to wait for another day.

Happy New Year!